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Welcome To Armijo Dental

We believe that people will instinctively strive to become healthy if they are given proper guidance and information.  Our mission is to provide this environment.

It is important that you be cared for individually because personal attention nurtures a relationship based on trust.  In our office you will be made aware of all conditions associated with your dental health and then you will decide how you will proceed.  We feel strongly that you should be actively involved in your health, because we truly believe that you are the key to your future.  We feel it is also important to make you aware of all options regarding your dental concerns, which will empower you to make decisions in concert with your values.

We are your choice for an Albuquerque dentist!

Our Advantages As Your Albuquerque dentist!

Accepts Most Insurance

Our clinic can easily accept the customers with insurance cards and create the history of cases for each.

Using Innovative

All our surgeries are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards.

Certified Dentist

With over 30 years of dental experience and experience with implants, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

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